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    HDV project in CS3 refuses to make preview


      Producing a set of 4 x 75 secs modules. Each require a lot of clever stuff so AFX  CS3 is required. The difference is I'm working in 1080 25i HDV instead of SD.

      Imported off line edit from Prem Pro CS3 as usual and all seems fine (apart from the inordinate amout of time it takes to load up). It's when I go to do a short preview test that it all comes to a halt. On one occassion it offered a window saying something about Adobe: Dynamic Link...something or other. I forgot to make a note and that notice hasn't appeared since.


      While it isn't rendering a preview, the whole thing freezes up, but after 10 minutes it unfreezes and I can work again, but not make previews.


      I tried making a Movie of the same preview work area to see what happens and all is fine.


      Interestingly, because of this problem I started another HDV sub-project to just make a few of the Fast Mo backgrounds. The preview worked fine with this. Might it be because I have so much footage loaded up as part of the main project?


      I have 4gig RAM, Quad processors, but the project is on an out-board HDD.


      Any thoughts?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Screenarena wrote:


          Might it be because I have so much footage loaded up as part of the main project?


          A combination of circumstances, most likely. MPEG-derivatives get indexed/ conformed for use in Adobe programs, so the following things can happen:


          a) The MediaCache directories get full over time. Therefore

          b) Looking up the proper conform fiel for a clip may take very long. Plus

          c) If you did not change it, the conforms will be inside a sub-folder of your My Files folder, which as a system folder is already very busy.


          Those 3 alone could already be enough. In addition, importing from Premiere would also include any conforms created there, which is the whole intention of the system, of course, but in your case may pose a disadvantage. There could be "tainted" parts from no longer valid clips and rendered snippets. So to cut a long story short: flushing the MediaCache and haven AE re-scan everything may solve the issue. I will not rule out, though, that the sheer number of clips could expose some sort of memory leak, so working with reduced project may of course be the only way out then...



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            Screenarena Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium.

            My AFX cache files are in seperate HDDs with tonnes of headroom, 60GB and above. The computer I'm using is supposed to be HDV ready. It was built so that I should expect at least the same performance as when doing complex SD work. I have done some minor HDV work with it as projects demand and thought it handled things OK.


            I slimmed out the unused footage in the Prem Pro off line and this hasn't made any difference when opened in AFX. I tried the project in my other much slower suite and while it took a long wait before it actually did it, it did actually render a preview. Once! I cant seem to get it to do it again and right now it's as frozen as my new edit suite.


            Meanwhile, back in the new "HDV ready" suite things have gone from bad to worse with AFX CS3 not loading completely. I've stripped it out and reinstalled it.  I let you know how things go.


            I'm sure this isn't how things are meant to be. I don't see why the preview process in AFX should be any different when using HDV or SD. I might expect it to be a bit slower, but in other respects, identical.


            Thanks for your help so far. I'll keep you posted, but would appreciate any other thoughts that might help.


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              Screenarena Level 1

              Further to last message and just minutes later.....


              Well, unexpectedly, after about 20 minutes the old suite has sprung in to life and has rendered the short 10 second preview. I'm watching it now. Oh Joy!

              The bad news is that the all singing and dancing HDV ready suite seems to have a new problem. AFX loads OK, but when I clear the cache media data base I get this message: "Run Time error! This application has requested to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact support team for more information."

              AFX promptly closes down.


              I'm begining to run out of ideas.