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    Fading a scene, what's most efficient?


      I'm developing an engine that creates a scene using a load of symbols and manipulates them. What I'm wondering is; is it more efficient to fade a scene by increasing the alpha of each symbol, as my background is black anyway (the colour I want to fade-to). Or is it better to fade using an extra layer on top which becomes more opaque?


      While the fade is occuring, the engine will be paused, so it won't be moving objects etc. as normal.


      Also, is it more efficient to do one at certain times? For example; if I have five symbols will symbol fading be better than a fade-layer, while 20 symbols would be less efficient?


      Just trying to get an idea for this now while I develop the meat of the engine, the fancy fading between scenes (rather than the current "snapping") can come later =)