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    My app won't fit on browser


      I am developing a Flex3 app to run on 800x600 resolution screens and it seems that Flex is not recognizing the actual viewable portion of the browser (resolution less all the browser panel, toolbars, Windows Start bar, etc).  My actual viewing area may be only 780x400 but I am not getting any scroll bars either browser or Flex.  I can get around it by generating a new window or maybe an AIR app, but still would like to know how to get the scrollbars to generate.  I made my application big, I placed objects at 900,900, but still no luck.  All help in understanding is appreciated.

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          Ansury Level 3

          You didn't mention the html file your swf is embedded into--did you try checking the size of the application there?  Check it carefully--I think there's a width/height setting in two different places, for different browsers?  These kinds of screen resolution issues can be a pain, sometimes.

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            EWN-CMI Level 1

            I had not thought about that, but even when I generate a test app from within Flex it still happens.  I will check the html flash callouts but I don't think that is my problem, it looks good at 1024x768 but only get about 1/2 on the new and improved ie8.  But thanks again for reminding me of the html component in all this there may be an opportunity to tweek that one day.

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              meshgraphics Level 2

              Specifying height and width in the Application tag will give the absolute size of the swf file.  You can double check it by double clicking on the swf file in the file system.  It will display in Flash Projector.


              Beyond that, the height, width and background issues come from html/javascript.

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                *Prashant Shelke* Level 4

                I faced same issues & resolved by making widths & heights for containers in % <mx:VBox width="100%" />