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    Matching Image Colours with Site Colours




      I would like to match the colour of an image to the site corporate colours.  If you see this logo - http://www.portfoliohealth.co.uk/ - you can see that the pastel green colour (#CDE8D9) on the far left of the the graduated image is different to the main colour in the 'p' logo opn the right.


      Any idea on mathing these exactly (or as near as)?


      Many thanks

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Have you tried the Eye Dropper tool over the area?


          It kind of difficult to determine which green is the color your looking for since there appears to be an oval in the middle.


          Another idea to help pinpoint a color is to draw a Export Area JUST around the 'green' rounded logo. Double click it once drawn and it will take you to the Export dialog. Chnage the output to Gif /256 colors and you can see the exact green color variants in that area. To the right of the Gif, there's a Options icon, click that and from the list choose Sort by Luminance. You can then get a better idea of the darkest to lightest greens. Mouseover/click anyone of them and the rgb/hex shows up. Copy down the ones you need.


          You can also choose Save > Save Palette (.act) from the Same Option context list, and load it directly into the Window > Swatches > Panel Options (Add Swatches (.act) command). This way you can interact with the Swatches Panel and you recreated logo.