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    DateField.selectedDate: This can't be this hard...

      I must be doing something majorly wrong. Here is what I am doing:
      I have a coldfusion server (6.1) grabbing data out of a database and sending it to flex by an HTTPService converted into an XML List. The data that is sent back is based on search parameters the user puts in. IN a datagrid, the results of the search are displayed.

      Once the user clicks on a row in the datagrid, all the fields get populated below.

      When I go to populate a date field, I take the text from the dat athat was received from the query, and set the datefield.text to that date. The date field get populated, and if I click on it to show the calendar opo-up, everything is fine.

      The problem comes with trying to read the selectedDate property before I open up the calender pop-up for the date field. It seems to be missing or something. Once I open up the calendar popup, and choose something (even the same date), everything works.

      please help if you can, I have a project due this week.