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    Rendering question


      I know I was asked to post in dynamic link. One, I have no idea where that is and I cannot find it. Two, my questions are about adobe products, not just Premiere or dynamic link.


      What I am trying to do is create effects and just render everything out in Premiere. My original plan was to create Premiere files, import those into AE, create effects and then render them out so I could import them into Premire and then cut everything together.


      I am having the harderst time trying to keep everything uniform and the same size. I am also loosing quailty when rendering with AE, does anyone else have these isses? Do you recommend using dynamic link for these things?

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          Fighting Sticks Level 2

          Hey Predicted_Spider,

          Should I use dynamic link, you ask?  How that's a question you'll get two camps and two opinions on.  I don't use it and I don't feel disadvantaged.  As for rendering here's the big tip - Rendering is the devil!

          Sure when checking your clip in AE you may have to render it to view it realtime but then you'll definitiely have to render it again back in PPro and as soon as you start with any sort of add-on Fx from AE or Ps in your PPro sequence it becomes so that you need 'more than' a cut lunch to survive the render time.  For rendering with Fx, start the process and go to bed, come back 24 hours later to a finished DVD.  Don't expect that staring at the screen makes it go faster, that will just send you insane.

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            Predicted_Spider Level 1

            Its a question because it can be answered - I have no idea if there are camps or not. I just wanted to hear peoples' opinions on if it worked or not. Also, my question was not to speed up my rendering, but to keep the same quality and frame size with files I render in AE and Premiere. I cannot seem to figure it out well yet. Thanks.