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    john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      The SDK says : accessoryView: (LrView, optional) The topmost container of an LrView hierarchy, that defines an alternative selection mechanism in place of the third button. Mutually exclusive with otherVerb.


      Anyone understand what this is, or can point to a code example or a plug-in that's in the wild?


      Does it just mean you can stick another control like a drop down list or a check box where the third button would be?



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          The accessoryView parameter is used on a few APIs in LrDialogs. The description you mention comes from the presentModalDialog() API. In this case it means that you can either pass the accessoryView parameter or the otherVerb parameter (accessoryView will take precedence).


          The accessoryView parameter needs to be some form of concrete view, that means it cannot be a row or column. This view will be added to the dialog in the location where the otherVerb button would otherwise be placed. I believe that is always in the lower left corner. An off the cuff example (not tested):


          accessoryView = f:push_button { title = "Foo" }




          accessoryView = f:checkbox { title = "Foo" }




          accessoryView = f:view {

               place = "horizontal",


               f:static_text { title = "Foo" },

               f:push_button { title = "Bar" },



          Note that in the last example we wrap the other controls in a view and not a row or column. This is because a row or a column is not backed by a native platform view and cannot be put into a dialog. Though this is only strictly true for the accessoryView parameter in file dialog cases.


          Hopefully this answers your question.