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    Multiple Image Upload not working on macs


      Hello everybody,


      I have searched everywhere for an answer to this issue and I'm not sure if there is a solution yet.


      I am hoping someone reads this and tells me if either I need to use another product or post a fix for this to work.


      I am developing a website for a photographer who needs to upload the pictures he takes for his clients to review on his website.


      So on the backend I have created an application where he logs in and creates a new client and then uploads multiple images to that client's folder.


      I am of course developing the site in ADDT version 1.0.1. in Dreamweaver CS4.


      Everything works as expected except for the image upload part, where he is unable to upload even a single image.


      He is using Mac OS X and Safari 3 to access his site.


      I use a PC and can upload images perfectly, but the whole purpose of the website is for him to be able to upload images without me.


      I read somewhere that ADDT's Multiple Image upload did not work on Macs because of the way that the OS handles image uploads to the server via HTTP. I also know that Flash v.10 had an issue with this behaviour in the past, but that it's been fixed with ADDT's v. 1.0.1, which is true since as I said I am able to upload images from my PC using that Flash version.


      There is a product called MultiPowUpload from Element-IT (http://www.element-it.com/MultiPowUpload.aspx) that seems to do the exact same thing as ADDT's Multiple Image Upload, and I have tested the Demo version both on Mac and PC and works perfectly well.


      I really would like my ADDT behaviour to work, first because I already have the whole site developed in it, plus I am used to the software already, and also because Element-IT's product is a bit pricey for a multiple server license (which I would need for other sites I plan to develop for Mac users).


      Any thoughts or pointers you might have will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.


      Luis Herrero.

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          I've followed this tutorial with success on a Mac with Safari 3. It does not use the multiple image upload, it uses the dynamic form wizard. Check out the demo from the photos list page form the top-right of the form you can select how many add new images you'd like to upload which can be changed via URL parameter hyperlink.

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            luigihc Level 1

            Thank you for your suggestion.


            The tutorial you describe does work in fact as you mention. However I am still interested in making the Multipe Image Upload behaviour work on macs since it has the advantage of selecting multiple images at once (my client uploads around 70 images per session, plus their corresponding thumbnails, and it would be too much of a hassle to fill in the form fields for each one).


            If anyone has another suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks again.

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              There are other suggestions, but they're not tied up in a nice little bow like multiple image upload SB in ADDT or the link I referenced in my first post. The alternate suggestion is to use Flex or Flash to create a multiple image upload. I've used Flex with success but you may need to know how to code if going that route.

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                luigihc Level 1

                Thanks for your answer.


                So I take it there's no straight solution to this problem.


                This Server Behaviour does not in fact work on Macs at all and if I want to have a similar functionality I have to look somewhere else, either at a third party plugin or a self-coded alternative in Flash or Flex.


                I would really like to have a definitive answer so I may close this topic.


                I am hoping for someone to be kind enough to tell me if I'm right (that ADDT's Multiple Image Upload does not work on Macs at all).

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                  luigihc Level 1

                  I did a new site from scratch with another hosting provider and apparently the server behavior now works fine with my client's Mac. I never understood whether it was an issue with the original hosting provider or a corrupt file in ADDT in the original site.

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                    Glad you got it worked out. It was most likely a corrupt file in ADDT on the first site. That would make sense since the hosting provider allowed the upload to work for PC's.


                    My guess is the original site was first developed using ADDT v.1 and during the course of development you updated to ADDT v.1.0.1 without uploading the supporting files for the update. The user on the Mac possibly had Flash player v.10 which does not work with ADDT v.1 and since you did not upload the supportive files for ADDT update v.1.0.1 that fixes the Flash Player v.10 bug the file uploader was not working. I think the PC was working because it had Flash Player v.9 on it which works with ADDT v.1


                    That's my theory anyways.

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                      luigihc Level 1

                      Thanks a lot for your replies and helpful ideas.


                      It turns out that for some strange reason the problem was with the hosting provider.


                      I have moved another site which was not working with Macs either to a new provider and everything works now as it should be, without changing any files at all.


                      I have in fact v.1.0.1 in both those sites (those were the first things I checked before posting here) and Flash Player v. 10 both on the Mac and PC, so it will remain a mystery as to why the server behavior did not work with that particular host on Macs.


                      Thanks again.


                      Best regards.