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    how this services-config.xml works?


      I going through some  gettingstarted examples of using flex with AMFPHP I got it working. But to be honest, I don’t understand this services-config.xml file



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



                  <service id="remoting-service"



                        <destination id="amfphp">


                                    <channel ref="my-amfphp"/>









                  <channel-definition id="my-amfphp" class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">

                        <endpoint uri="http://localhost/amfphp/gateway.php"






      The only info from that file i use in my RemoteObject is this destination atttribut:

      <mx:RemoteObject destination="amfphp" …/>


      But what I don’t understand way they split the services-tag from channels-tag and most important how do they relate? Could somebody explain this or hint me to some easy to understand tutorial?

      I tried to read adobe livedocs on Using RPC Components etc but it is so confusing, to be honest i don’t understand a word of it. what exacly is service-tag and channel-tag and whay i have to use both of them- i mean one will never switch my amfphp endpoint at runtime, will one? And way?


      (ok, that destination has channel ref which reference the “other” channel-tag which points to my amfphp-gateway -but so what? what does it mean, way so commplicated - Wouldn’t it be easier if one would jut give the endpoint attribute to the RemoteObject and everything is fine?)


      Thankful for any help