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    Replace original file??


      I'm kind of in a pickle, hopfully someone can help me out.


      I started to edit some footage from 2 different cameras. One record straight to DVD. First I had problems importing the VOB file, so I converted it to AVI.


      Long story short, I started editing, rendered/exported the first few mins to I could watch on an actual TV to see the quality, and it's not good.


      My question is, if I convert that footage to a better quality file, name it the same as the old low quality file and replace it in the project folder, will it automatically replace all my edited footage in the project? or do I have to do it all over again?


      I figure it might, seeing that it'll be the same footage from start to finish, but not too sure. may be there is a better way to achieve this, or may be i'm outta luck.


      thanks for the help



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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome to the forums.

          You are close, but you need to do a liitle more.

          For details, see: FAQ:How do I replace one clip with another?


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Following Eddie's link will get you what you are asking for.


            The one thing that you must consider is that your camera has already compressed the material to MPEG-2 to go to the initial DVD. While converting it to DV-AVI Type II will allow you to edit it easily and with little additional loss in quality, there has already been a loss, with that first MPEG-2 compression. While you can possibly improve things a bit, that loss cannot be recouped - unfortunately.


            If your intended delivery is another DVD, remember that it will be a second-generation of MPEG-2 compression. What you see, may be as good as it gets.


            Good luck,



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              sa_mull Level 1

              Thanks for the help.


              Unfortunately I'm only using my laptop as a monitor so it's a pain to see my actual footage. So I took the file I'm editing, placed it on a thumb drive and watched it my tv, and the quality looks really good. So I don't need to replace it. So I figure my problem lays in when I exported the video. I looked through the export options again and there isn't much that I can see that would effect the quality drastically. it's currently set at...


              DV NTSC

              29.97 f/s

              720x480D1/DV NTSC: pixel Aspect


              So I'm wondering if My settings can be tweaked for better quality. It will only need to be played on an SD tv, nothing fancy

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Let's see if I'm on board: You have 3 types of files: the "Straight to DVD" (is this an mpg extension?), the AVI you converted from the mpg, and a second camera that is not straight to DVD (is this a standard DV camcorder and therefore AVI?).


                What file was on the thumbdrive?


                Does the "not straight to DVD" look okay when exported?


                What kind of project settings are you using?

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                  sa_mull Level 1

                  ok so 2 different cameras were used. Older mini DV camera, and another that uses mini dvd-rw.


                  The files captured from the mini dv where captured through PP and saved as avi. work great, looks nice.


                  The mini dvd-rw are originally in VOB files, I've converted to avi. Audio won't import, so I had to convert and import a separate WAV file for audio.

                  So I have to sync the audio and video to use it this footage.


                  I exported the first 4 mins of the film, to bring over to my TV to see the quality. All the clips from the MiniDV look fine. But the clips form the mini DVD-RW look pretty bad.


                  So I naturally thought the files lost a lot quality in the conversion, and that is why I posted my first concern here.


                  But then I took one of the .avi files (from the Mini DVD-RW) threw it on a thumb drive to watch it raw on my TV and the quality was great.


                  So it looks like the quality loss when when I exported it to Movie.


                  I have attached 3 .jps with my project settings and export setting i used.

                  let me know if you need more info.

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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Nothing jumps out at me.  Hunt's point about the additional compression loss may be an issue, but I'd keep working on this.


                    When you play an avi from the thumbdrive to your tv, how are you doing that?


                    What did you use to convert?


                    Use Gspot to tell us what your vob to avi file is (primarily format - is it really avi, if so, is it Type 2).

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                      sa_mull Level 1

                      I plugged the thumbdrive into my PS3 and watched the video from there.


                      I used Magice Video Converter to convert it. (i know prolbably not the best tool to use, but only on i got.) and again the footage file looks good raw to my tv.


                      and i've uploaded another .jpg with the g-spot results.


                      thanks agian for the help.

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Your attachments this morning were added right away; the latest wasn't much later, but still queued.  Insert as image or describe the gspot results.