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    return data from spark list itemrenderer

    essa tkinen

      Does anybody no how to return data from the itemrender for a spark list. say i had a checkbx in my itemrenderer how can I get that info back to my main component if its selected or not. I looked at datagrid and itemeditor but I really rather use a spark list. Thanks

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          _Natasha_ Level 4


          itemRenderer should be used only as a RENDERER. All chenges should be done in data.

          So if it's a checkBox, you should add click eventListener and change property in data to see that it's selected or not.

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            essa tkinen Level 1

            thanks I also found another way to doing it. A click handler on my list when that fires I can check if checkbx has been selected by doing event.target.document.mycheckBx.selected this will not work if using currentTarget cause it take the info from the itemRenderer. Now I understand the difference between currentTarget and target.


            not sure if this is a better way to access the data I think I might still just dispatch a event and do it your way.


            Its weird that mx:list has a editItemRenderer  and s:list does not


            thanks again TK