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    Illustrator CS4 Not Starting (no error messages)


      I'm running into a problem trying to run Illustrator CS4.  It has worked int he past, but I've gone a month or two without touching it. Yesterday I installed a trial version of Photoshop CS4, which ran fine.  Today I tried to start up Illustrator and I can't get the program running.


      Illustrator will startup and show the 'License Agreement' screen where you can accept or decline.  If I click on Accept the screen disappears and then nothing happens.  If I watch the processes on the task manager, I see that Illustrator is running, but it stops about 10 seconds after the agreement screen disappears.


      After searching the forums here, I've uninstalled Photoshop (thinking there was a conflict), uninstalled and reinstalled Illustrator several times with no luck.  Taking suggestions from the forums and thinking that it might be licensing issues, I ran clean up tools and the license recovery tools, with no luck.  I even tried to move out some fonts even though it doesn't get that far.  I've gone in and tried deleting what preference files I could.  I even logged on as a different user to see if there was a corrupt file (no go).


      At this point I have no idea what's going wrong.  It simply doesn't start up and I have no errors (Are there log files that I'm missing somewhere?)  Any suggestions would be much appreciated, I'm at my wits end. :/




      Windows XP SP3

      4 Gigs of ram

      Dual monitors

      ran fine before :b