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    sending data


      hi all

      how r u?

      i build an application connecting with mysql database through dotnet web service

      every thing is great

      i running it on windows 2003 server on my network and the work is great

      when i uploaded it to shared web hosting i faced a small problem :

      the application is multilanguage (english and arabic), the english work good setting or getting data, but the problem is setting data in arabic to the database, if i execute insert commang on the webservice sending its parameters from the flex application in arabic it stored in incorrect format like ????????????? the mysql allocate is utf8 (support arabic), if i insert any commang from phpmyadmin to the database it is inserted correctly and is displayed in flash correctly, this problem occured on the internet only not on the local network

      i send data in xml format

      any ideas in this?

      thank you all