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    Multiple video feed switching


      Hi All,


      I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible to do the following.


      I have 3 video feeds recorded.  For the sake of ease, A B & C.


      They are all shot from different positions, at the same time.  I guess the easiest way to describe it, think of a football match, just 3 cameras not 30.


      What i am wanting to do is to have the 3 feeds and switch between them so for example.


      Start with Feed A for 15 seconds, then switch to Feed B for 7 seconds, back to A, then to C so on and so on.


      I have played around a little bit, but can't seem to work it out.  I seem to get the audio tracks overlapping each other.  I basically want to do it without having to create a heap of small files cut from the main source.


      Any help is greatly appriciaited.