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    How to implement Singleton for a Subclass which calls super() of the Superclass?






            public class HelloWorldService extends RemoteService


                  private static var _instance:HelloWorldService;

                  private static var phpServiceClass:String="HelloWorld";


                  public function HelloWorldService(cid:String=null, cep:String=null)


                        if (_instance)

                              throw new Error("Error: " + this + " already exists.Use getInstance(); instead");



                        //set channels Id and Endpoint – workaround for bug - http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/ASC-3143 

                        if (!cid)


                        if (!cep)


                        super(SrvCfg.SRV_ID, SrvCfg.SRV_DESTINATION, cid, cep);



                  public static function getInstance():HelloWorldService


                        if (!_instance)

                              _instance=new HelloWorldService();

                        return _instance;



      On the line whicht calls the super() i’m getting the follovin Error


      1201: super-statement can not be called after useage of this-, super-, return- oder throw-statements (it is translation from german errormessage).


      How can i implement singleton implementieren and still be able to call super() of my superclass?