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    PE4. Changing the extension/location type, but not the timeline clip

    Pete Kingwell Level 1

      Hello and greetings to all again,


      Here is a basic rundown of what I have done, and what I *want* to be able to do next.


      I have a relatively low quality piece of music which I have added to a track on the timeline.  It is over 6mins long and I have used keyframes(?) all throughout the track to lower the volume each time the narrator speaks, (different track on timeline) and then to raise the music track volume back up again when he is not speaking. Doing this and getting it spot-on has taken quite a considerabnle time.


      Guess what?  I have now been sent a far better quality audio recording of exactly the same track.


      So my question, please - How do I change the timeline music track destination..?
      It's a bit diffiuclt to explain.... I just want to swap the source of that piece of music, so instead of a horrid dusty mp3 version, i just want to tell PE4 to use the .wav instead - Without deleting the track on the timeline and losing all of my audio keyframes.


      Is there some way of selecting the audio track on the timeline or project, then right clicking and selecting Properties and then changing the files location..?

      I don't know if that makes sence!  Is it possible?


      Thank you for your assistance though!


      Pete Kingwell