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    Export clip to an AVI


      Hello All,


      I'm hoping someone can help a newbie.


      I'm trying to expost a clip from a longer movie into a seperate avi file.  I know this is quite simple, but I've read the help files and knowledgebase, and can't seem to make it work.


      Would appreciate any help.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you Clip has been edited to suit, you just need to Share, which is Export. Choose the DV-AVI Preset and it is ready go.


          If you have other Clips, you can adjust the WAB (Work Area Bar) to just that Clip and do the same, checking Export Work Area Bar in the dialog.


          For a look at the WAB:




          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            I suspect that your issue is in the File Menu/Export/Movie Export Movie Settings....


            Given that above the Timeline is a vertical gray bar which is called the Work Area Bar.

            This Work Area Bar has 2 tiny gray tabs, one at the beginning of your Timeline content, the other at the end of your Timeline content.

            If you want to export just a portion of your Timeline to DV AVI, you position those tiny gray bars so that they span the area that you want to export. One at the beginning of the segment to be exported, the other at its end.


            This is the part that catches us all. When you File Menu/Export/Movie, the Settings has a General Section. In the General Section is a place that says Range. There you will see the default which is "Entire Timeline". Click the tiny dark arrow there to get at the option below, namely, Work Area Bar. Once that is set it is smooth sailing to your segment as a DV AVI.



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