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    HD AVI import too short


      Hi, We use a Digital Rapids HD capture system to capture HD movies on a PC using the 8bit uncompressed AVI format. We tend to capture each movie in at least two parts for keep file size below 500GB. We then use these part 1 and part 2 uncompressed HD avi files  for encoding for Blu-ray AVC on a Sonic Cinevision system. We also use these HD avi files in our graphics department to do menu edits, etc, in After Effects CS3, CS4 and Premiere Pro CS3 and CS4. We can import some of these HD avi's fine but a large majority import but only say the file is about 2 mins long, where actually the files are about 45 mins long. This happens fequently and we have tried on many different PC's with different versions of After Effects and Premiere. ANY other programme can open these avi's and play them with the correct length, it only seems that Abode apps have issues with them. I have tried transcoding them to other avi codec formats but still with the same result. The files are 1920x1080 23.976 HD avi files. We capture about 10 HD movies each week and this issue is happening all the time. We have asked Abode about this issue but so far no answers. Any help would be excellent as we are stumped.


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          Impulse Fire Level 1

          hmmm i might be wrong but go to your composition setting and make sure the length of the comp is set to 45 minutes because usually it is set to something else.

          if that doesnt work then try splitting your movie into different segments like take the first half and split into 4 different major parts and same with the other one that way u have 8 major scenes and they will be smaller sizes and faster workflow so its a win-win

          try both those things

          and how can your pc handle like 500gb's of a clip? man you must have some crazy specs!

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            speedyrazor Level 1

            Hi, The composition is set to be more than 2 mins and i have tried splitting the files into 15 min chunks, still the same issue, AE says the file is only 2 mins long.



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              Impulse Fire Level 1

              Ok well i can import like 10 minute vids simply but my pc is a peice of junk o it starts lagging but another u can try is to no make a comp at all and simply drag the clip onto your timeline therfore making a comp with the clips settings.

              thats really all i can suggest since im not an expert on AAE but good luck to you man

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Actually AE is probably being over-precise and in addition, your capture method does not seem to generate a proper embedded time-code, or at least one that AE doesn't like. Other tools may simply ignore any embedded info and do the math themselves or be able to read the specific TC format. Have you checked the stuff in Premiere whether there are TC breaks or something? Also, how do you store the files? Maybe they also get truncated due to incorrect file properties, file system limitations, networking limitations or something like that. Hard to tell, but apparently it would be difficult to share your files for investigation, so I recommend you create a bug/ feature request with clear words (just say you want this be forwarded to the AE team asap) and some Aobe person should get in touch.





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                  I'm experiencing the exact same problem.  Did you ever resolve this?