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    Resizing the thumb if a pre-defined height OR width was reach

    Carlos Cesar Filho

      Hi guys,


      first, excuse my poor english. I have always used Show Thumbnail's ADDT to resize some images of my sites. Now i need an special feature, that, testing, i could not make it happens: i have a div of 280 x 220 pixels, and have to show a thumb that fits perfectly in this div. But some pictures that going to be uploaded will be, for example, 420x230 pixels. I want that just the height, in this case, to fit 220 pixels, and the width have to be proportionally resized (the div have an "overflow:hidden" parameter). Now this is not happening - the picture is resized for 280 pixels width, and the height is smaller than i need.


      I need that the make thumbnails behavior resize the image to match the width or height, what comes first - and this only when the size does not be smaller than the pre-defined value, in width or height.


      What do i do in this case?


      * Please, let me know if you could understand what i wrote =)