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    Can CS4 coexist with older CS2?


      It's a long story, but to make it very short, I wanted to install CS2 back on my computer because (right, wrong, or just misinformed) CS4 using multicam editing has issues. (I posted a thread about this a few days ago....which my last reply would indicate a 'fix' .. but it wasn't.)  Never-the-less, because I needed to get this large 2+ hour 3-camera shoot edited, I decided to load my old CS2 (I loaded Premiere Pro only) back on the machine so I could edit this one multicam project without the hassles and workarounds required by CS4.  So..........when I do that, CS4 AME stops working.


      Has anyone successfully loaded a previous version of CSx AFTER loading CS4 before? 

      Does anyone have any insight into *why* CS4 AME would stop working after loading a previous CSx (my case CS2)?

      If I choose to continue using CS2 on the same machine with CS4, will I have to uninstall CS4, install CS2, then reinstall CS4 last?


      Any thoughts, insight or suggestions would be appreciated.





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          JBrown321 Level 1

          I would suggest uninstalling cs4 and trying a reinstall. If that does not work maybe try uninstalling both versions and then install 2.0 first then cs4. I have both and they seem to both run fine.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Most of the installations that had CS2 (PrPro 2.0) and CS4 were done with CS4 coming after the installation of CS2. I'd guess that with the order being reversed, the CS2 installation hooked an affinity, or a process, that had been set to CS4. A repair install of CS4 should set it all right again.


            When adding PE4 to a machine with the full CS2 Production Studio, similar happened, and PrPro, Bridge and PS were "broken." Adobe never expected someone to install PE after PrPro and the others in the Productin Suite. A Repair Install of the rest of Production Studio took care of everything. Obviously, I was not the only one to do this, as there was an Adobe KB Article on what would be broken, and how to fix it.


            Good luck,



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              jdmoor Level 1

              I spoke to Adobe Tech Support .. and as expected, the fix was to uninstall CS2 and CS4.  Install CS2 first ... then install CS4.   According to Tech Support, there are 'common' files shared by both CS2 and CS4 and as you would expect, CS2 install over writes the CS4 files and therefore 'breaks' some components of CS4.


              I've done as Tech support suggested and so far .. so good. 


              Thank to those who replied with suggestions.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Sounds good so far, and thanks for reporting the order that works.


                Good luck,