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    Problem with YouTube

    LaciG Level 1

      I have spent a whole day trying to upload a short video (pre-7) to YouTube using the 'online' button on the  'SHARE' panel. My problem starts immediately at the "Please Sign In to your Youe Tube Account". I created and deleted half a dozen accounts (with Google, and tried without Google but this was confusing: Google was always there somewhere) but Adobe pre-7 always came back with the message "The username and password you provided do not match..."  Logging in to my YouTube account directly from the Internet with the same username and password - of course - works. At this point, I have no Idea what to do. Another question: If I gave up the direct upload due to this problem, then what format I should use in the 'export' list (file-export-movie-settings-file type:AIF, Windows Bitmap, Filmstrip, Animated GIF, etc...? I tried avi, mov and Animated GIF: all are very large files. Why don't I have MPEG-2 or MPEG-4? When I created a DVD, I got a vob file (among others) - is this uploadable? This is 275 MB as opposed to the avi file which is > 1 GB (and the mov file is > 7 GB!! - in contrary to some web site advice that state that vob format can be uploaded but it is much bigger than the avi file).


      I have been editing my movies and burning them to DVD for a while but never uploaded anything.  I would gratly appreciate any advice.


      Thanks, Laci.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Steve Grisetti writes some powerful Premiere Elements FAQs that are posted in this Forum. Have you had a chance to check them out?


          Especially the one that deals with YouTube video



          I personally prefer the Share/Personal Computer/Quicktime route as described by a user as an add on to that FAQ. Then upload the video, using the upload function at the YouTube site.



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            LaciG Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. I will try it out. (My 1 GB avi file is still only15% uploaded after an hour, I will abort it and use Steve's method. - Laci.

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              howardmil18 Level 1

              It took a while to figure this out but the advice you have so far is not

              good. When you are ready to share the video , go to PC. Then go to MPEG

              You will see an abundant list of output formats for YOUTUBE. If you want

              high definition, make sure the mpeg2 various formats is not a TS file. (make

              some copies which will be saved on your documents and watch the video then

              check the properties) The easiest is a multimedia mpeg 2 with 1280 by 720 or

              multimedia mpeg 2 with 720 by 480 ,, which after you save to your

              documents,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOAD to youtube.

              This program, sadly, is lacking an easier and more diverse conversion

              process. It should have mp4 at larger frame sizes and more mpeg 2 options


              making a TS file  which youtube does not accept.

              P.S. As many others have stated, there is no way I can stop E MAIL from

              coming to me on the adobe side.

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                Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It certainly is possible to stop the e-mails, Howard, by changing the settings in your profile.


                It is also possible to create MP4s at a variety of sizes.


                But glad to hear you found a solution!

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                  howardmil18 Level 1

                  I have indeed found another way which I will try soon, Steve. Save the file

                  to Apple I pod,,,,advance the settings for mp4 .264 , and use either 640 by


                  or 720 by 480 (560) might be cool, as another guy mentioned and I might try

                  that. For HIGH DEF, you must use a form of the mpeg 2 it appears.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    For the e-mail notifications, one can choose to have ALL threads, only those initiated by the account holder, or NONE. One can also choose particular threads from which to receive the e-mails. Here are the screens to alter the notifications:





                    Hope that these help you,



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                      LaciG Level 1

                      Thanks for all the advice! (I do not have an iPod - that solution I can't try out...) I used the first suggestion so far (from A.T. Romano referring to Steve's comment) but not very happy with the result ; you can see it at http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J_SFKG_IdY ~4 minutes, boring, (made only for the participants but still trying to figure out the YouTube settings). Naturally, on dvd it looks some 1,000 times better.  I will try the second one (that created a MOV file.  Also, I will try (again!) to stop the email torrent... - Laci.