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    Evaulating Variables

      I have a very simple, 4 State, page. Each State is called Pie, Bar, Line, and Grid. Each has ONE child with a canvas tag having the same ID as the state. Exampe Attached.
      All I want to be able to do it print the appropriate state by evaulating the 'currentState' to know which chart (canvas id) to print as in: printChart.addObject(currentState);
      In coldfusion I would have used Evaulate("currentState"). It's obviously not cold fusion but it's what I know. I am sure there should be an easy way to accomplish the same.
      thanks for much for any input.
      Kevin C.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I don't like states and don't do much printing, but it sounds like you need bracket notation.

          To get a reference to any runtime component with an id, you do:

          So if you nave a canvas in the main app with an id="Bar" you can do:
          var sId:String = "Bar";
          var myCanvas:Canvas = this[sId]; //"Bar is a child/prpperty of the main app, 'this'