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    is it really impossible to embed f4v video in Flash CS4?


      Is there really no way to do it? I spent the last 3-4 hours browsing the net for an answer, but couldn't find any solution that would work for me. I want to use a seamless video loop in a project of mine, it's not a long one, it's just 5 seconds, but it's done in AE as a seamless video loop, so naturally, I would like it to play and loop seamlessly in Flash aswell. Now I came to understand, that with externally loaded video it's just not possible to make it seamless, there's always gonna be a small delay, and the video will stop playing for half a second before looping again.

      So the most common advice I read about this problem, is to use embedded video, and it would actually be good for me, because the video is small, it would not enlarge the size of the published swf by too much.

      But then I came to realize, that actually there's no way to embed .f4v files in Flash CS4, although I thought it does support H.264, and not just by being able to load it externally. I don't want to stick with .flv, because it has a really poor quality, but ... like I said, I wasn't be able to find any solution for this.

      Isn't there some kind of an extension or something that would make the Flash CS4 IDE to import and embed (!) .f4v movies? Or is it just me overlooking something?

      Thanks for any help in advance,