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    Trouble shooting the export function

    FunKy_BudHa Level 1

      I am a new user to CS4 Premiere 4.1.0 as part of my master suite program bought 2 weeks ago. I can't find any trouble shooting help or explanation of error messages in the program's help section; I have tried most of the trouble shooting steps (other than reinstalling the entire suite) from the knowledge base on the Adobe site without any success; and finally would like someone on this forum to rescue my newly installed Premiere from disaster. Here is my problem:


      ---- when exporting utilizing the media encoder; after exporting and clicking on the encoder to start , the program would come back with the following error message " PProheadless has encountered an error. [..\..\Src\Remote Import Module. Cpp-250]". I can't find any reference to this error code and how to fix it on the Adobe website. I have tried to fix it for days now without any results. Without being able to fix this my programs are useless to me.


      Not finding any reference on the Adobe manual to the error code or how to trouble shoot the program is really demoralizing and disappointing to me. You can see PProHeadless as a program on the computer's hard drive but you won't find any reference to this program throughout the Adobe website.


      For reference my hardware specs. are: i7 920 CPU, 6 G DDR3, Asus P6T professional work station main board, 160 G SSD SATA C-Drive, 1 tera byte SATA D and E drives, the GPU is nvidia GTX 285 with 1 GB ram, 1000 Watt power supply in a mini tower, plus Sony Blue ray, OS is Vista 64 premium. The computer is dedicated to editing video. All programs are loaded on C; the D drive is used as working space and virtual ram. E drive is for storage. The only other program running is Avast anti-virus program. The file exporting problem stays even when Avast is uninstalled. All the devise drivers are Vista 64 compatible. The computer is brand new; dedicated to Premiere - not even Microsoft word is loaded.


      In addition to the above exporting problem, every time I switch between loaded programs such as between Premiere and Firefox, the cursor would stay in the "wait" mode, i.e. in a spinning circle,  for about a minute before turning into an arrow in Premiere. It almost feels like Premiere has to reload the ram all over again; this is really annoying and time wasting.


      If I have known of these issues, I would have bought a Mac Pro with Mac software in the first place.


      I would really appreciate some help from friends and experts on this forum. Thank you.