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    Problems downloading Flash - please help!


      Hi, so I tried to go on website where a newer version of Flash than i had was required. So i followed the instructions to download. It said it had downloaded, but the animation didn't show. My friend advised that i would have more luck if i downloaded IE 8 first (was on 7). So i did, and i tried again, and this time the animation download animation success showed. Success... however, i tried to get into the flash required website again, and it still insisted that I didn't have flash.


      So, like a genius i thought i'd remove all previous flash files, and start again. So i removed 2 programs on the add/remove hardware in control panel. Then when i went back to the flash download website, it just crashed. What basically happens is i go to the 'download latest player' page http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/, press the agree button, and then on the next page, the active x bar appears at the top, but i can't click on it, or indeed anything on that page. That page (thoguh not the rest of the computer) totally freezes.


      Can anyone tell me how i can fix this and just get bloody flash!


      I have a PC laptop, Dell, Windows XP. Its a few years old but i'm sure it used to have flash on it so God knows what i've done to mess it up. its a bit temperamental but to the best of my knowledge the laptop is fully functioning.


      Any help very much appreciated!