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    Panel skin problem~

    Benoitcn Level 1

      I make a flex skin using flash cs3. Everything is fine except the panel's borderSkin. If i apply this style to panels, all the component in the panel are automatically set themselve to the top-left corner ignoring the title height even covering the panel title. How can I let chindren know the title height?

      This is my css file

      TitleWindow, Panel
      borderSkin: Embed(skinClass="Panel_borderSkin");
      header-background-skin: Embed(skinClass="Panel_controlBarBackgroundSkin");
      closeButtonSkin: Embed(skinClass="Panel_closeButtonSkin");
      close-button-up-skin: Embed(skinClass="close_button_up_skin");
      close-button-over-skin: Embed(skinClass="close_button_over_skin");
      close-button-down-skin: Embed(skinClass="close_button_down_skin");
      close-button-disabled-skin: Embed(skinClass="close_button_disable_skin");

      cornerRadius: 8;
      dropShadowEnabled: true;
      shadow-distance: 10;
      paddingBottom: 6;
      paddingLeft: 6;
      paddingRight: 14;
      paddingTop: 35;
      resizeStartEffect: "Dissolve";
      resizeEndEffect: "Dissolve";
      controlBarBackgroundSkin: Embed(skinClass="Panel_controlBarBackgroundSkin");