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    PE4 Pictures in Credits?

    rkmjcha Level 1



      I need help.  I am creating a slideshow and I have my credits taken care of, but I want to add pictures to portions of my credits.  I can get one in the begininng, then when I try to add more, they don't show up.  I use windows xp.  I have right clicked on the credit area then I click image and add image.  Then I resize the image to place it where I want it.  THEN the other thing is when I scroll down, my image stays put while I am able to move my credit page down so I can try to add more pictures, but I want the picture to stay where I place it in my credits and if I scroll down, I want the picture to scroll down with the credits.


      When I add the second or third picture, I just get a blank box and then sometimes my other picture disappears.  Please help.


      Thank you.

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          Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like what you are doing is listing all of your credits on one title and applying the roll function, then adding a graphic to it. This will result in what you're seeing.


          There are a number of ways to have the photo of the person appear as his/her name appears on-screen, depending on how many people you want to picture and what type of effect you're looking for. (Do you want the person's photo to roll along-side the credit? Do you want the photo to just appear as the name appears, then replace with another photo as the next name rolls up? Is one name appearing at a time on screen or are you rolling through a continuous list?)


          Tell us what  you're trying to do and with how many names and I'm sure we can come up with a solution. This program can do most everything you can imagine!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If I were doing rolling credits, and wished the character's picture to roll/scroll along side the name, and there were several of these, I would create the Title in PS/PSE with the text and the accompanying still images, placed as required. This would then be Imported (Get Media) into PE and the Motion Effect>Position would be Keyframed to provide the "roll." The use of Keyframes could also allow the scrolling to pause, while each person's name and image was on-screen, and then progress, until the next name and image was positioned where I wanted it. This allows complete and precise control of the motion of the Title.


            In PS/PSE, you can create the Title with the horizontal dimensions of the frame size, but much longer in the vertical dimension. I've done these at 720x2000 pixels. In PS (do not know about PSE), I can do File>New and choose the NTSC, or PAL sizes, with proper PAR, and include the guides for Action-safe and Title-safe areas, to assist me in the layout. To date, I have done about 70 lines of text, and these function well. In PrPro, one is limited to ~ 4000 pixels in any one dimension, and I'd guess that it's about the same for PE. Were I anywhere near that limit, I'd think about using 2, or more similar Titles, rather than have an overly large single still image - the Titles. When doing multiple long rolling Titles, I break by the credit-type, i.e. camera crew, actors, music, etc., and have one end, or at least nearly complete, before the next comes in. This means that I do not have to try and Keyframe the second, or third, to match the leading of the lines of text.


            Hope that this gives you some ideas for your Titles.



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              rkmjcha Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              I was attempting to have the photo scroll with the credits.  I only want to add about 6 photos.  I don't have a whole lot of credits.  I have short paragraph thank you to the coaches, one for the parents, credit with each team members name, photographer, videographer, and song credits and my company info.


              I do like the idea of flashing pictures.  I am new to this so I should do the easiest thing for now.  This has to be done no later than tomorrow.  One gentleman mentioned doing it in PE6, but I did not quite understand some of the language he was using in getting this done.  I may play with that route too.....if I can understand what he was saying.


              Any help you can give is truly appreciated.


              Thank you.

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                Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'd recommend you not use the Roll/Crawl function for the titles.


                Rather, create a title for each credit that includes that person's name and photo.


                Then go back to your timeline, right-click on the title and select Show Properties. This will open the Properties panel, where you can apply Motion keyframing -- custom animations for your videos.


                If your initial keyframe is set for your title off-screen, below the frame, and your final keyframe is set for your title off-screen, above the frame, keyframing will create a custom motion path that will roll both text and picture up your frame at whatever speed you'd like. You can even re-use these same keyframe settings for each of your titles, so you only need to create the animation once.


                Don't be intimidated by keyframing. It's very easy, once you get the hang of it -- and, once you've got a handle on it, you can do all kinds of cool effects!


                My free download from Muvipix.com will show you how to do basic keyframing.


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                  rkmjcha Level 1

                  I love you Steve :)....I am going to try it right now.  If I have any

                  problems, I will let you know.  I will let you know either way how it goes.


                  I appreciate your fast and great feedback...I can't wait to try it!!



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                    Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    That's the spirit, Kathy!


                    Let us know how it works out.

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                      Ed.Macke Level 3

                      Hunt / Steve,

                      These are two seriously great ideas!


                      I knew you could do both of those things (scroll pictures / put pictures in titles) but never thought of using those techniques in quite that way... gives me some ideas for the future...!