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    Problems with index and search in RH 8


      First time poster here, shamelessly hoping to pick brains.


      I've worked on previous versions of RoboHelp. This is the first time I have used RH 8. I have built several help systems in the past, but have no technical knowledge of how to build a help system - that's why I rely on RH.


      My client has an issue with the way the index is displayed. I've structured the index as keywords, some of which have links to multiple topics diplayed. Only text that contains a link is displayed as bold text. Thus, if a keyword is a standalone, linked to a specific topic, it is bold. If it is linked to multiple topics, the keyword is displayed in normal text and the links below it are bold. The client wants only keywords to be bold.


      The client has also raised issues with the allignment of the index.


      I have no idea how to rectify these issues; as far as I can see the .hhk file only allows me to modify the index contents, not the appearance of the index.



      Also, for reasons unkknown to me, there are no search fields displayed. Further, on clicking the search pane, an alphabetical list of keywords is displayed, some of which are linked. A colleague played around with the project in my absence, tweaking the skin and css; this may be the cause but even so, I am not sure where to go about correcting it.


      As a last resort, I can simply copy all the content into a notepad and then create a new  project (it's a fairly small help system) ; but before I do that I'd like to know if there are any other solutions I can try.