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    Problem of memory




      I use the Profile perspective of Flex Builder to see why my Flex application was so slow. I notice that all my object which I create are not remove when I don't need them anymore. For the Panel which are child of a coverflow component of Doug Mc Cune, I use the removeAllChildren() method which don't remove of the memory but only of the coverflow (like a setVisible=false). For my ArrayCollection, I want to delete all the elements so I use the removeAll method and it doesn't work. I have another problem with the component of Doug Mc Cune. I can't put more than about fifteen panel as child in the coverflow but in the carousel I can. But I prefer to use the coverflow so somebody would have an idea to increase the number of child in the coverflow by reusing Doug's component?


      I have no idea to fix these problem of memory and they really slow down my application.