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    Error : "CT generic : bad lendesignVector"




      All is written in the title. When I start AE (last version CS4 9.0.2), it shows 8 times a pop-up "After Effects(erreur) : CT generic : bad lenDesignVector (83§2)". I suppose it's linked with the number of processors - 8 (it's a HP xw8600 workstation - Windows XP 32bits).


      Is there a way to avoid these warnings ?


      Thank you in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Gruzlor wrote:


          Is there a way to avoid these warnings ?


          I would suspect that you need a special motherboard/ system driver. Seems like a special cahce or SSE function is not being initialized properly. Also make sure to have al lthe leatest Windows updates, including possibly things such as .NET runtimes or the latest MSVC runtimes. Tahat aside -  Win XP 32 bit is less than ideal for running a dual processor workstation, so I'd seriously consider upgrading to Vista 64 bit. Seems a waste to run a potentially more powerful workstation with an outdated operating system. Surely you are not dependent on some tools from the stone age so that you must have XP, are you? What's the exact specs of your machine, anyway?



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            ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

            Actually, the "CT generic" errors are from the font handling subsystem. An error like this would imply an incorrectly designed font has been installed on the computer. If you figure out what the font is, please email it to aebugs@adobe.com so we can make this error more intelligible for the next time (and contact the font author to fix their font).




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              Gruzlor Level 1

              Thank you for your answer.


              Do you know if there is any log files that could help me searching the "bad" fonts ?

              (it's quite boring to disable a set of font and launch the application waiting for an error )



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                This page lists al lthe default fonts for Windows:




                Remove every font not listed there (as in moving it to a safe location, not deleting it entirely), then see if the program launches without issues. If it still acts funny, then you have a serious issue somewhere, if it works, you can incremantall add the fonts back. You may wish to check the files in Windows' font preview first and verify the info. The older they are, the more likely the chances they are the culprit and likewise, if you see weird font info with some free fonts, it may be an indication that something is not right with the typeface...



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                  ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                  Alas, no log that I'm aware of. But there's a computer science trick you can do so you can isolate the fonts in very few steps.


                  Take you set of fonts and divide them in half.

                  Try launching with one half.

                  If it crashes, cut those fonts in half and try again.

                  If it doesn't crash, you know all of those are OK, put them in the OK pile and try the non-tested half.

                  Repeat until your piles only consist of one font each.


                  This can get it done pretty quickly.