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    Flash component in Flex using swfLoader remains in background


      In our Flex 3 app, we are using a Flash component in 3 separate screens.

      The issue is that, when the flash app has been invoked in one screen, it remains in the background throughout in an invisible mode on the other 2 screens as well that use it.

      This also prevents the actual flash component instance native to the page from working.

      On tabbing around in such pages we can actually see the control moving around on the background component.


      The specific issue, we think, is with unloading the flash component completely after having invoked it once.


      We have already tried these approaches:

      -      Dynamically removing and adding as required – the flash component fails to connect with the flex app

      -      3 separate components with different IDs, and everything else to make sure they are completely different at the app level

      -      Clear cache (both flash player’s  and browser’s cache)


      Any help will be tremendously appreciated.