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    3 questions for my game


      Greetings everybody! This is my first post in this community, and unfortunately I need some help with this actionscript coding. Even if only 1 problem can be solved, I would definitely appreciate it


      Challenge #1:

      I have a movie clip that moves randomly around the screen. How would I make this movieclip duplicate once every 10 seconds (while user is still playing the game)? In addition to that, how would I impose a limit? For example, if the number of objects on the screen hits 20, it's game over.


      Challenge #2:

      I have this other movieclip that will be acting as a "bonus". After every 40 seconds, one of this movieclip should appear on the screen. How would I do this?


      Challenge #3:

      I would like to have a timer - a timer which counts from a number to nothing. When it hits "0", I am taken to the "Game over" frame. How would I do this?


      Again, thanks for reading this post. Have a great day!