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    FDF does not update the Formdata

    do not cry


      in php I wrote a a smal script to generate a fdf file but the form does not show the data. I am pretty sure that the code is correct and the fields exists in the pdf.


            // getdata.php
            $outfdf = fdf_create();
            fdf_set_value($outfdf, "Textfeld1", 'mein Text', 0);
            fdf_set_value($outfdf, "DatumsUhrzeitfeld1",date('Y-m-d H:i:s'), 0);
            fdf_set_file($outfdf, $pdf_doc);
            fdf_save($outfdf, $fdf_out);
            Header("Content-type: application/vnd.fdf");
            $fp = fopen($fdf_out, "r");

      after pressing the submitbutton (http://localhost/getdata.php#FDF). I can see a data tramsmission but no new data.

      Could I have missed something? LiveCycleDesigner Option?

      I there a way to debug the calling PDF to see what is being done?


      thanks a lot, this is bugging me since 2 days now..