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    Supported External Video Capture Devices for Premiere


      I own Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and want to capture my old 8mm tapes from my analog camcorder. I also want to capture old VHS tapes. I want to be sure I buy a video capture device that is supported.  I have a laptop so it can not be a card and needs to use the USB.  I have Vista Home edition.  I searched Adobe's site but only see a few supported camera models.  I have a Sony CCD-TRV12 NTSC Video8 Camcorder if that helps.  I'm also looking for something reasonable in cost.  Do you have any links to where it lists the supported devices?  And, can any being recommended over a different one.   Thanks for anyones help.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          USB won't be an option.  You'll have to get something that works over Firewire.  Canupus makes the ADVC-110 for such things.  ADS also makes a similar device.  Or you can pick up a new, inexpensive tape-based MiniDV camera.  Using that, you hook up the analog source via RCA cables to the camera and then from the camera to the computer using Firewire.  (Just make sure the model camera allows analog pass-though, as not all do.)


          The camera method has the advantage of making future recordings very easy to capture.