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    the three problems about flex

      1, memory release:
      There are two swf file:1.Swf, 2.swf.After i load 1.swf by ModuleLoader,i load 2.swf, but 1.Swf is memory, have not been removed, how the release of Memory is out. Remove and use of mandatory release, memory or not the release of swaps. How the experts handle it ?

      2, focus
      Firefox browser, the first load, how can access to focus.every page,the focus will be used, it was made the focus of public control Mody, what ideas can make reference to Mody?

      3, navigateToURL
      In the flex, so the two application, respectively a.mxml, b.mxml. In a.html, according to the enter key on your keyboard through navigateToURL to Jump to b.html, Jump in the process, there will be some white, to b.html pages before, I how to remove the white, or can be The other change to white color?