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    Pause between scene


      I am new to this, using Premiere 7 to make a short video of a trip.


      I am wanting to pause for transition between types of scenes.


      I would like to insert a black screen with title before resuming the video.


      I can fade to black, no problem. But I want the screen to stay black and put some words on there and I can't seem to figure out the easist way to do this.


      Please help! With lots of details!!!! Thanks so much!!

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          Steve Grisetti-JFIrXo Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Click on the New Item button in the upper right of the Project media panel. There will find the option to create a color matte or black video.


          Once created, you can place it on your timeline and stretch it or trim it to the length you need.

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            Jen1216 Level 1



            Thanks so much!

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              Ed.Macke Level 3

              To create words, you would use the "Title" feature. You can do this by clicking File > New > Title, or simply by clicking the big "T" in your monitor panel. On slower machines, it might take a few seconds for the Title panel to come up, so be patient.


              Enter whatever text you like, in whatever font you like. You can get kind of creative, or keep it simple. It creates the Title as a separate object, so you can always go back and easily change it later if you like.


              That will give you the words.


              To display that Title against a black background, there are a couple of options,

              • As Steve said, create a new black video and make it the size you want, or
              • Drag out the clip that you faded to black. For example, if it's now 20 seconds, drag it out to 30. The extra 10 seconds will be black video.


              In either case, your black footage will be on Timeline #1. Put your Title  on Timeline #2 (if it's not already), directly over the black footage and size it to be the same length. While you're doing this, you could play around with putting the title over normal footage just to see how that works, too - just slide it around on Timeline #2.


              Another option would be to just put the Title on Timeline #1 and make it the length you want. That would give you words with a black background.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Another option would be to just put the Title on Timeline #1 and make it the length you want. That would give you words with a black background.


                If I understand what the OP is looking to do, this would be my first choice. If one wanted certain Effects for the Title, like them starting off out of focus and snapping into focus, then the Title (animated with Keyframing and Effects) over the Black Video would be my workflow.



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                  Ed.Macke Level 3

                  Mine, too, actually.


                  Also, as a style suggestion for the OP, I've done a lot of this kind of thing and (if you didn't already do this) I find a nice effect is to fade-in/fade-out the titles themselves - it looks better than a title just suddenly popping up, even if the fade-in is only for a fraction of a second.


                  For example, Clip 1 fades to black. Title fades in, remains for a few seconds, then fades to black. Clip 2 fades in.


                  There's probably about 100 other more exciting options, too, I just haven't learned them yet.