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    JavaHelp support and command prompt


      two problems about RoboHelp 8.

      1, It is said that JavaHelp Help and Oracle Help can be the output format of RoboHelp project in the help of RoboHelp. But I can not find a way to generate JavaHelp or Oracle Help. Could you tell me does RoboHelp 8 support it?

      2, Generate and publish output from the command prompt. I use the command as below:

        "e:\test_RoboHelp\robotest\robotest.xpj -l WebHelp -o E:\test_RoboHelp\a"

      "e:\test_RoboHelp\robotest\robotest.xpj" is a project which does exist. But Why the output folder is not "E:\test_RoboHelp\a" as I have set?