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      I have noticed in CS4 Pro that when I am scrubbing and watching playpack when I view the image on the screen (external monitor) I see jagged edges on my subjects.

      The clips are of dancers on a well lit stage with camera pans.

      This looks just like I used to get when I exported a frame in 6.5. Took the bmp to Photoshop to deinterlace so the edges would be clean.

      This is happening without any added effects or transitions and is not as noticable when I view the clip on the program monitor, mind you that is a lot smaller than the ext. monitor.

      Now is this just the nature of the beast and when I finally export my final video file and make a dvd these edges will disappear?

      When I choose field options ans deinterlace the clip they virtually disappear but I really don't think that I should do that?

      Here is an example of what I am viewing while watching in playback mose.