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    PowerPoint with audio


      I have several PowerPoint presentations with audio, can I convert them to Presenter and retain the audio or so i have to rerecord all the audio for each slide?

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          Kevin Q Baird

          Wow, I hope you since got an answer to this!


          That's what Presenter does. It'll take the sounds and especially audio narration, and convert it to a SWF package taht contains the slide contents, voiceover, notes, etc.

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            Here's how you can use your previously created audio in Presenter.


            1. Open the PPT file
            2. Go to the Adobe Presenter tab
            3. In the Audio Section, select Edit Audio which opens a blank audio timeline.
            4. In this window select File > Import which will open a new window

            5. Click the button for Import All, this will pull the recorded audio out of your PPT, create separate .wav files, and import those into your flash output file.


            Now you should be ready to rock n roll.