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    Issues with my Flex 2 project after upgrading version of Flash


      This has been happening for some time now....


      I work in a computing environment where software/security updates are sent to workstations over the network automatically.  Everytime a new version of the Flash player gets released and pushed over the network, I have interesting/wierd problems develop in my flex application.


      Today, we recieved the push of the nesest version of the flash player (10.0.22.xxxxxxxx).  Anyways, not I am getting my events throw in a different order, and the focus manager can no longer find which object to give focus to, resulting a null object reference (within a core flex class, not my own code).


      This happens with every new version of the player that is released.  If I go back and use my code on a machine which has the older version of the player (say a vesion 9) it works perfectly!


      Also, since I got this update today, my shared objects no longer load completely or correctly.  What I did was encrypt my data, parsed it as xml, and then sent this object to be saved into the SOL file.  They don't work the same anymore.  But the same code ran on a version 9 player works flawlessly.


      This happens consistantly with upgrades of flash player, just different issues crop up, and I cannot request my network admin not upgrade the flash player, as it would effect over 10k workstations.


      I am at my wits end here!  Anything, anybody got a bone to throw my way?  Any ideas?