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    Building an online resume, got a question

    xslamx Level 1

      Hi y'all, I've got to build an online art resume very quickly for before I meet with some clients soon.  Are there any free "plug and play" type flash templates out there that are already set up and I could just add photos of my work?  I'm looking to get something together that will hopefully be a little dazzling and professional without having to take up a million years of my time, which I need to work on art.  Any suggestions?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Searching Google will be your best bet at finding something you might be happy with.  You might want to look into paying for a solution, maybe one that boasts customer support... it could be a very good investment for you and save you all that time you need for your art.

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            xslamx Level 1

            I googled it and didn't find much in the way of free templates, although I did see a lot of awesome pay ones but I just have zero budget right now.  I guess I'm looking for an online portfolio instead of a resume.  One cool one I found was this one...


            http://www.templatehelp.com/preset/pr_preview.php?i=24763&pr_code=Gcj5UnK3k5zdeTvZ6495BT6h vlEJAE


            My question to you is... is there a way I could be pull code, already made buttons, etc. from the web or another source and using my own colors, pictures, feel etc, recreate something like this for free?

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can steal whatever you like but I'm not gonna tell you to go ahead and do so or even hint ways of doing so--and I'm not suggesting you have such ill intent.


              What's available for free is what you need to find if you can't afford to pay.  Some things are worth paying for (is your reluctance truly driven by lack of $$$), and they are probably not that expensive.   If you can't afford the cost, but you are an artist, you should have the ability to create something representative of your style.  That would impress me more than something that looked like it was created for you or purchased.


              But if you are going to try to create anything close to the example you showed and you have minimum experience using Flash, you aren't likely to get there from here in any near timeframe.  For your current needs you may be better off just creating a web site using html pages for all the content.  You may even be able to make it somewhat dynamic where you have a gallery, but it doesn't involve Flash.


              Here's a link to a web site of an artist friend I went to school with many years ago during my art studies era that uses PHP-based pages and a database for the gallery content.  http://bruceguindon.com/  Click around the upper and lower buttons of the main page to see how it all works.  It may give you an idea that doesn't involve Flash.  He told me he happily paid $1800 for the site to be designed for him... gives you idea of the reality of being in the business.

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                I've seen a pretty good site in terms of online resume presence. Go to http://www.resumenet.net for more on online profiles.