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    After Effects Error: Tracker_Register: Missing Suite ( 1 :: 0 )

    Reaktor4 Level 1

      Product: AE CS4

      Version: 9.0

      OS: OS X 10.5.7


      One day this error just sprung up on me, after having worked fine for quite a while. Strangely, I have scoured the internet and found no mention of this specific error. The error happens upon launching After Effects and after clicking OK, the application shuts down. It does not ever reach the user interface. The loading splash screen comes up and then the errors come up shortly after.


      The two error messages come up one after the other and read in this order:


      "After Effects error: Tracker_Register: missing suite. ( 1 :: 0 )"


      "After Effects can't continue: Failed to register built-in motion tracker."


      I have attempted to reinstall After Effects entirely, even going as far as to wipe all the associated files that are left behind after an uninstall.



      I will attempt to update AE and will report back the progress on that.







      Updated AE to 9.0.2

      There are now three errors, including the above two. The third error reads: "After Effects can't continue: unexpected failure during application startup"