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    How to create a login system

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      I need to create a login system for an application.  The application will be a Flex front-end connecting to a Postgres database through ColdFusion.  I can connect to my database but cannot find a good way to check user credentials and save data in a session.  Can someone provide some sample code or suggestions (I have already reviewd Bruce Phillips blog on the subject).  I assume this is a standard activity in Flex but cannot find a lot of guidance.  Any help would be appreciated.  Details follow:



      The use case is quite simple:



      -the user has an account and supplies correct information

      -Flex can connect to the Postgres databse through ColdFusion datasource.



      User supplies username, password and role and clicks submit button.  System validates that the username/password/role combination matches and displays a viewstack based on the role provided.