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    Pops clicks and background noise

      I recently upgraded from Presenter 6 to Presenter 7 (Version 7.0.1 Build 7404). Audio files that I have imported from old presentations and newly-recorded audio seems to have a low background buzz (almost like electrical interference). The "buzz" itself is almost undetectable (i.e., it's "white noise") but results in a noticeable and annoying pop or click sound when I insert silence (i.e., the transition to or from the silence generates the pop/click).

      I notice from the waveforms that the audo tracks are not centred around the mid-point line but are now shifted higher (hence the transition from silence). I'm mystified because I never had the problem with Presenter 6, I'm using the same hardware, and even the old recordings that were fine in Presenter 6 have this same upward amplitude shift when imported to Presenter7.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Paul_Morris Level 1
          I'm still experiencing the same difficulty. A couple of further thoughts:

          First, I realize now that the waveform in Presenter 6 represented mono sound, whereas the waveform(s) in Presenter 7 are stereo. I don't know what, if any, impact this may have.

          Second, I may be able to work around the "clicks" and "pops" that occur at the transitions to and from "silence" if I can find some way to insert white noise (at the same amplitude as the background noise) instead of inserting silence. I suspect that I'll have to copy and paste the white noise from elsewhere in the audio track.

          Any thoughts? This is very frustrating to me since I was able to get very professional sound from Presenter 6 and the transition to Presenter 7 has been a step backward with respect to audio quality.

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            Paul_Morris Level 1
            I was hoping that the 7.0.2 update would fix the problem but it didn't. Is anybody else experiencing this problem?