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    single source for different online help guides

      I am glad that the single source layout pod in RH7 supports different channels.

      I also need to output to different online webhelps using shared topics. This is what should be called single source.

      Is it the best practice to create a set of taylored and overlapping TOCs for a related set of online helps?

      My working environment consists of a single software product with different user interfaces for different types (and levels) of users. For each type of interface, a different webhelp is mounted.

      How can I make sure that the online help title displayed in the web help browser tab is the correct one for each variation of the online help?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Single source is anything that lets you get more than one output from one source, be those outputs ten different webhelp outputs or just one and a printed document output.

          You can have as many webhelp outputs as you can manage. Right click and add new ones or copy existing ones as a base.

          Best practice depends on your content. You can have different TOCs for each output or you can have a smaller number and apply conditional tags. So with say 10 outputs you could have just three or four TOCs and apply conditional tags to vary them. It's whatever works best for you and can be understood by anyone you work with.

          The scenario you describe would be ideal for the way RH works.

          The title bar and browser tab take their text from the Project Title in Project Settings so you will need to change that for each output.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            As to displaying different online help titles: why, if it's "a single software product," as you say?

            Wouldn't you be better off formatting things differently (TOC and topics) for each of your variations, using "user-level" keys such as an image, a background color, a font, etc.?

            Good luck,