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    Building a gallery - 50-60 images, bit of animation, easiest way????




      I am putting together a gallery that will show about 60 images. basic fade-in transitions between the images.

      I need to animate the company logo (very basic) and show some text below each image), becasue of this i dont know if any off the shelf xml based gallery will work,????? as usially you just define the image name/path and run the swf.


      This is for a presentation and not web so maybe not possible to be Xml based.  Is there anything that is out there that could work for this and if not i suppose I am doing everything in flash but fear this as thimeline will be so long and a bit of a nightmare to do,

      if I have to do this in flash, I would have each image occupy about 20 frames 1-9 it will fade in, frame 10- a 10 sec pause, and frame 11-20 a fade out, that will still give me a timeline of 1200 approx. Can AS do any of  this?



      appreciate any help/suggestions



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          actionscipt can handle all of this (and much more easily than using timeline transitions).


          you can use xml without serving the files from a web host.


          and any decent gallery template should handle all this.  that doesn't mean all templates are decent.  i've seen plenty that are awful but, you should look around for one that meets your needs or hire someone to custom make one for you.  this job shouldn't cost more than $50 for a customized gallery that does everything you mentioned.

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