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    Premiere Pro CS4 playback stops randomly

    kenstiefel Level 1

      I have created a project using HDV footage, a wav file, all outputting through a black magic intensity card.  Identical project works fine in CS3.  Also SD project works fine in CS4.


      Computer is a intel dual core with 4 gig of ram, 7200 rpm system drive and two 300 gig sata drives configured as raid 0.  Operating system XP Pro.  Also in CS3 audio goes to my normal output (on motherboard audio chip) while cs4 will only go to the blackmagic card.  I can set it for either ASIO or WDM drivers but nothing comes out no matter what the setting, but out the HDMI on the black magic card..


      In cs3 project does not indicate it needs to be rendered, in CS4 it wants to.


      When I hit play in premiere it will play for a few seconds and stop.  in CS3 works fine.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated