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    Global timeline stretch possible??


      Is there a way to do a global timeline stretch in CS4 ?


      Basically I need to change the animation speed from 12 fps to 25 fps - but I dont wont the movie to play twice as fast, and I don't want to have to manually move each key frame to fix it because it will take forever!







      Maybe Flash has never made this an option because I see several people asking this same question as far back as 2006 and no one has responded with a solution. You would think Adobe would have figured this one out by now.

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          Crow331 Level 1

          I came across a javascript that someone wrote in 2006 that does the timeline stretch as I indicated above, but the script doesn't work in this version of Flash.


          Anyone have a similar script for this version or any other ideas?

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            Crow331 Level 1

            This is so f**kin frustrating. Does anyone at Adobe read these forums???


            I was told by a guy at adobe that you can do it in CS4. He said you put your pointer at the end of the timeline on the item you want to stretch and you would get a double arrow and then you stretch it and it would do what I need for it to do. Well it doesn't work!  I don't get the double arrow. If I hold down shift it will extend the timeline but the keyframes stay in place. If there is a way to do this I don't see it and the guy said "it's a new feature to CS4" ... nope!


            I'm ready to shoot myself.


            I was able to drag the swf into after effects, stretch the timeline there, and then output it as an .FLV and then get FLASH to turn that back into a swf but the quality really goes down. You would think that because both are adobe products that I should be able to save as an .swf straight from after effects, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo


            Any other tricks or ideas??

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              adobe employees rarely read these forums.


              you probably found a jsfl file that did what you asked.  you could try using google to see if there's one for as3, assuming that's your actionscript version.

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                Crow331 Level 1

                yeah it was jsfl ...


                I have google searched to death and found nothing. I see people asking the same question I have asked as far back as 2005, but if adobe was listening and added the feature, I can't find it anywhere, though someone at adobe says it was possible with cs4, but when I tried what they said, it didn't work so I don't know if he's smoking crack or the feature is actually in a yet to be released version.


                It's sounding more and more like I'm f**ed and I'm going to have to re-build the entire animation from scratch.


                Someone suggested that I could possibly do this with transform in flash, but I can't figure out what they mean.


                Thanks for the response.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  if it's worth your time to learn jsfl, there's plenty of help in the flash help files.  if it's worth you money to hire someone to do this for you send me an email via my website:  www.kglad.com

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                    Hey Crow331 - Did you ever figure this out?  I'm in the same situation with a HUGE timeline I need to stretch out. I've read a number of articles that say it's possible, but nobody/nothing tells you how this is done!  OH SO FRUSTRATING!!  Any insite you have would be appreciated.



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                      jendehaan Level 4

                      The stretch functionality is only for spans of frames, not an entire timeline. For new motion tweens and IK (likely the new feature being discussed),

                      dragging the end will stretch the span (shift drag extends the span). This is possible in older versions of Flash for static and classic tween frames by holding Ctrl then dragging when you see the arrows.


                      This is not available built-in for an entire timeline. Retiming a timeline is definitely a known enhancement request, something I'd use myself, and hopefully something that can be scheduled for a future release. Until then a JSFL would need to be found and used.

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                        dgreve28 Level 1

                        Great - thanks so much for the response jdehaan.


                        Yeah, that would be huge to have that included in the next release.

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                          k.a.r.l.2000 Level 1


                          This post has a JSFL script and tutorial for stretching an animation in Flash:


                          It's not perfect, but saved me a ton of time. Hope it helps.


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                            dazlm Level 1

                            This solution with the stretch command worked great in CS5 as well.  The script says it is only CS3/CS4, but it works fine on CS5.  Can't believe how much time it saved me.  In my case I had to move my fps from 24 to 25 so that the export to .mov feature would work.  There is a bug in the flash CS5 .mov export where you can't use the number 24 for fps without getting a lot of garbled remnants in the movie...  really crazy...


                            So in my case i up'ed the fps from 24 to 25, highlighted all the frames on all the layers, and ran the script provided with a 1.041 ratio.  It was nearly perfect, with just a short walk thru to adjust a few frames.  Very nice.

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                              KBells Level 1

                              That was super helpful! I can also very it worked well for me too. Of course after using the script, it requires some tweaking to make sure it feels right, but it saved me 90% of effort to get me the result I needed. Thank you!