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    [ANN] yFiles FLEX 1.3 released

    yWorksGuy Level 1
      yWorks announces yFiles FLEX version 1.3, the new major release of its Adobe® Flex® component and class library for viewing and editing diagrams in applications based on Flex® or AIR™.

      For more information, please see the yFiles FLEX home page which provides details on the requirements and features of yFiles FLEX and offers live demo applications featuring server-side layout calculation.

      New features of this yFiles FLEX release include:

      • compatibility with the Adobe® AIR™ framework
      • client-side interactive grouping support
      • Undo/Redo and clipboard functionality
      • new hierarchy view component
      • new grouping demo application
      • support for highlighting of graph items
      • new panel node style
      • interactive port relocation
      • new API for working with client-side visual features and labels on a yFiles Java server

      For a detailed list of the new features and functionality, please refer to the yFiles FLEX 1.3 release notes.

      Test and experience the new features with a 30-day evaluation version of yFiles FLEX. Enjoy live demos showcasing yFiles FLEX with a yFiles server component on http://yworks.com/products/yfilesflex