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    File size limits on PSDs in Catalyist way too low


      I downloaded the beta, and wanted to play around with it. I tried creating a new project from an existing .psd I had from a recent web project. However, the file size was around 70mb (pretty typical for the PSDs I use for most projects) and was told that the file size limit was 15mb. Is what the final version is going to limit to? A 15mb PSD is a pretty small size if you're an actual design, and not just a wire-frame. This restricts the use of smart layers and other features that I use daily, as well as forcing you to flatten many layers, locking you into decisions early on in the design process. This filesize limitation would have made sense during the PS7 era, but I can't remember I had a real design that was less than 15mb.


      I really hope this limitation is just for the beta and not what you're planning on shipping. If you are, I don't forsee many designers taking this up, and instead just continuing to rely on giving the dev the design comp and making them work out the functionality.


      Also, is there any plans on making FXG available in FW?